What’s The Best Massage Chair For Tall Person.

For an ordinary-sized person, getting a suitable massage chair is an effortless process. But do you think it’s the same case for finding the best massage chair for tall person?

No. no.

The answer is very clear.

Mostly, the massage chairs for tall people are few in the market. This is a disappointing trend and it’s taking so much time to get tall massage chairs released on the market.

What happens is you begin a difficult mission to get the right size.

For others, giving up in the middle and getting just any chair might be a better option. The lucky ones are also rewarded in the end.

However, if you are one of those disappointed guys, we are here to help. This guide is comprehensively prepared to make your search mission easier.

In a nutshell, consider looking at the features of the chair like body scanning, the track length, and the ottoman extension. These are KEY features in any potential chair for the tall person.

Whether you want the traditional type, a budget chair or the modern zero gravity massage chair, never mind. We will provide you with a variety of top recommendations of the best massage chair for tall people currently in the market.

And surely you will get what you’ve been looking for, perfect and right.

What Is A Massage Chair?

Well. A massage chair could be a traditional or robotic chair used to provide massage to people.

With the traditional type, you receive manual massage from a massage specialist while you are seated on the chair. The massage covers your head and neck, shoulders, back, hands, arms and even feet.

The Modern Robotic Massage Chair

This chair doesn’t need a massage therapist to serve you. Why? Because it has an internal electronic system with motors and mechanisms to massage you.

The rollers and airbags in the chair imitate the movement of hands of a massage therapist. You just need to sit inside the chair and relax.

The chair is very comfortable and provides a sensation worth the wait.

Why Should You Get Yourself A Massage Chair?

No doubt everyone has personal reasons to buy a massage chair.

Nevertheless, the following are the top benefits that chaps consider before buying the chair. For tall person, these benefits mean really much given his or her body complexity.

Let’s dive into them.

  • Improve Your Circulation

This isn’t just a fluke; the massage chairs have great bearing on the general blood and body fluids circulation of the users.

When you sit in the chair for a massage, your soft body tissues are manipulated to help blood flow faster within the different parts of the body. In the process oxygen and nutrient distribution becomes efficient.

Waste products are also eliminated well in good time because of the enhanced functioning of the lymph system.

With an improved circulation, the body feels comfortable, active and healthy. You are also guaranteed of beautiful skin.

  • Reduce Body Pain

Most people look for the massage chair in order to relieve extra pain from their body. This could be back pain (which is the most common), neck pain, shoulder pain, and even leg pain.

Getting a deep tissue massage chair with features such as body stretch, zero-gravity seating and deep tissue massage would almost immediately relieve your pain.

Leg pain should be well handled when your massage chair comes with lumbar and calf heat.

  • Reduce Your Stress

When you are stressed, you will experience fatigue, discomfort and even dangerous problems like high blood pressure and heart disease.

Massage chairs help to reduce this body stress through relaxation. You are seated in there and you feel as though all the problems have vanished, just relaxed.

Your mental clearness is also improved so that you think more clearly.

The chairs that come with zero-gravity seating, LED lighting or MP3 support does stress relief better.

  • Improve Your Posture

You probably know that a good posture is key to the general health of the body. And some tall people have problems with body posture.

A bad posture causes you all kinds of problems including sore muscles and general pain.

The massage chair helps to relax your sore muscles in a soothing manner. Sitting in this chair positions you in a reclining position that would help your body assume an improved posture and great balance.

  • Your Privacy and Convenience Is Enhanced

Going for massage services at a local massage professional can be disappointing. Sometimes you get there when you badly need a massage, yet you’ll be forced to wait for the long queue.

But this can end when you purchase your own affordable massage chair at home. You will have your own privacy and you can schedule your massage any moment you wish to.

  • Control Your High Blood Pressure

The relaxation and comfort a massage chair can provide its user are immense. But it’s also in this relaxed state that blood pressure is significantly reduced.

If you’re experiencing high blood pressure, then this could be another cool way to pull it down.

The list of benefits does not end here. It can go all the way.

  • It is Cost Effective

Most guys would buy the massage chair to stop looking for massage services from a professional. This, in the long term, would cut off the costs you incur for massage.

Right from your house, you can enjoy massages a number of times you wish. Would you do that with a professional? A resounding big no!

Common Types of Massage Chairs Suitable For Tall Guys

Looking for that dream massage chair for tall person?  I’ve got a whole list for you to make your selection.

Go through these types here and you can land your favorite now!

1.   Massage Chair Pads

Sometimes you focus on doing certain tasks: whether you’re seated in the office, or in your car driving.

Massage chair pads come in handy in such situations where having a massage chair would be hard. With these pads, you can prevent pain and stiffness when you are driving, seated in the office or at home on those upright dinner chairs.

So don’t let headaches, spasms, or joints and muscle pains get the better part of you. Just get yourself a massage pad to help you clear these problems.

Massage chair pads are very portable, budget-friendly and use less space. This makes them quite a good option for you.

With Zyllion Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager Cushion, you can customize the message to help you relieve pain in a specific location. It comes with your dream comfort and it’s surely safe to use.

2.   Standard Massage Chairs

These are massage chairs that would still serve the general purpose for many tall guys out there.

If you have a limited budget, and still need to get the comfort and relief of massage from your home, these standard massage chairs will do just good.

3.   Full-Body Massage Chair

These are the massage seats that come with all features for a complete massage. Whether they are your hands or arms, neck or shoulders, or your feet and torso, these massage chairs have got you well covered.

You will get full physical and mental relaxation and comfort other massage chairs may not offer you. They have an in-built heating system.

You should get this 2018 Fully Body Massage Chair and enjoy the all-rounded massage coming from the various points of the chair’s backrest and other areas.

It may not be the best massage chair in the world. But it is a high-quality chair here with the ultimate comfort and ergonomic design.

4.   Zero-Gravity Massage Chair

This chair makes you place your body in a reclined position so that you are going to have a feeling of weightlessness, comfort and relaxation.

In the reclined position, the legs of the user are lifted just over the heart – the same way astronauts sit when launching a spaceship.

This helps to eliminate the back and neck pain; relieving a lot of pressure from the spine, and enhancing the circulation of fluids and blood in your body.

At Amazon, you’ll be able to get Zero Gravity Full-Body Kahuna Massage Chair Recliner for tall person. This comes with the full-body massage from neck to toes.

The best thing about this massage chair is that you can customize the massage to fit your body size.

5.   Massage Recliner Chair

Massage Recliner Chair can be a great home massage chair. It provides you with the comfort and relaxation in a zero gravity position.

It also comes with heat therapy to ensure that your sore muscles are relieved.

Top recommendation here for the tall person would be SUNCOO Massage Recliner. One good thing is that you’d get this chair at a very affordable price on Amazon compared to other massage chairs.

6.   Shiatsu Massage Chair

This massage chair applies “finger pressure” to help you get not only relaxation, but also healing of your soul. If you’ve been looking to release tension and stress from your body, consider this type of massage.

You can get Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair. You will enjoy the full shiatsu heat including the techniques of rolling, scraping and kneading.

This could be the best massage chair for the money you spend on it.

7.   Portable Massage Chair

With a portable massage chair, you are able to enjoy your massage service from wherever place you are. Of course, the reason why they are called ‘portable’.

You will able to travel with them comfortably without worrying about their storage.

More importantly, you will get the full services other sophisticated massage chairs offer you.

The EarthLite Avila II Portable Massage Chair will give you superior comfort and relaxation you’re looking for. You will like its lightweight.

8.   Massage Office Chair

While in the office, this is the massage chair for tall person you need. So, forget the neck, shoulder or muscle pains during your work.

If you want something that will be comfortable and convenient for you, get this Mecor Heated Office Massage Chair. It comes with a reclining function and you can adjust the height to fit your size.

9.   3D Massage Chairs

These massage chairs use the 3D technology where you are provided with that deeper and more intensive massage. You may be unaware that your chair has this function or another like the 2D technology.

The chairs work with three planes of motion; x, y and z axis. You’d think you are having a real massage from the therapist him/herself.

The Infinity IT-8500 X3 3D Massage Chair will give you the most accurate massage for your delight and comfort and it’s all quiet for your peace of mind. But you can be sure you’ll go deep in your pockets – it’s pricey.

10.      Extra-Large Massage Chair

If you have a big body frame, you’ll for sure need this extra-large massage chair to cater for the extra height and weight. Its massage track is made for tall people so that every segment of your height is covered.

At Amazon, you will get the Luraco iRobotics 7 PLUS which has a simple layout for ease of use.

8 Crucial Tips For Selecting The Best Massage Chair For Tall Person.

  • Consider The Quality

Whether it is a zero gravity chair for tall people or any other type, quality should never be compromised. Look for a strong and thoroughly built chair with long-lasting, quality material.

You want your chair to be able to carry any weight comfortably. This is only possible with a high- quality massage chair.

  • Price

Good massage chairs should have reasonable price ranges. Balance the budget you have with the quality you would wish to get before you decide on which chair to take home.

But if you want only the classic massage chair with additional unique features, you can go deep into your wallet.

  • Size and Design

The size of a massage recliner for tall man and its design play an important role. Look at the chair whose size is able to fit in the space in your house.

Just one thing to note: most massage chairs tend to be big and therefore take more space. You will need enough space to accommodate them.

  • Check The Rollers of the Chair

Rollers are the main parts of the electronic mechanism in the massage chair that facilitate body massage. The comfort and relaxation you get is generated when the rollers move and massage your body.

The rollers should move moderately, otherwise, they can create an unwanted feeling to your body. If this is the case, you will need to check one chair by chair until you get the one which is comfortable for you.

  • Massage Intensity Provided

Ask yourself, what’s the best massage chair on the market with just right massage intensity?  One that’s not abrasive, and not too slow to feel the effect.

But even better is that chair that comes with a setting to make you regulate the massage intensity. So if you like it rapid or gentle, you determine that level yourself.

  • Type of Massage

Make sure to determine the type of massage you will be needing; this could be the Swedish massage, a Shiatsu massage, or other normal techniques like kneading, rolling and pressure.

Which one is most comfortable for you?

Some people prefer the ordinary Swedish massage over the Shiatsu (which can be a little painful if you’re new).

  • The Main Features

Different massage chairs come with different features. Height, seat armrest, feet extenders, headrest and chest pad adjustments are regular features nowadays.

The suitable chairs for tall people should have long tracks, feet extenders for the long legs and airbags for broad shoulders and hips.

On top of these, some very classic chairs come with more advanced features.  It’s common to get massage chairs with control panels to help you customize your massage needs.

  • Warranty

You would probably consider a massage chair with clear warranty specifications. This is important since you’re buying a very expensive item, and you don’t want to risk.

In case of repairs, a good warranty can cover the whole chair, but in most cases, only for certain parts. You should also consider how long the warranty runs to avoid getting shell-shocked.

Be careful to avoid being scammed by fake warranties.

Final Note

It may be all toil to find the best massage chair for tall person. Yet, out there in the market there are many options you can still choose from.

Consider looking at features like the capability of the chair to scan your body effectively, long massage tracks (not under 27 inches long) and an extendable footrest for your long legs. One such massage chair would be Zero Gravity Full-Body Kahuna Massage Chair Recliner.

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